How To Get Traffic To Your Website?

Ways to bring traffic to your website

Web traffic refers to each person who logs on to your website. These are recorded as visits or sessions. The traffic is also specific to each page of your website. Each page’s traffic is configured independently of all other pages.

Some of the major advantages of having high traffic on your websites are the following:

  • Greater revenue in the form of conversions and sales
  • Increased brand awareness and more websites exposure
  • Earn revenue through sponsored posts and advertisements

Ways to bring traffic to your site:

  1. Paid advertising

    Paying to advertise your products / services with ads, is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website. Some of the options available are search ads, social media advertising and display advertising.

  • Search Ads – are ads that are displayed in search engine results when a user’s query matches the exact keywords an advertiser has bid on.
  • Social Media Advertising – involves increasing website traffic, engagement, brand awareness and other marketing goals by creating various forms of content for different social media platforms.
  • Display Advertising – involves creating ads that are placed in specific areas of website in the form of text ads, images ads, rich media ads and video ads.
  1. Promote your website on social media platforms

    Once your content has gone live, take advantage of different social media and promote your content. Some of the most popular platforms available are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like.

  • Facebook – is best suited for industries like food and beverages, news and media and e-commerce.
  • Instagram – is best for industries that are successful on Instagram such as beauty, food, beverages and e-commerce.
  • LinkedIn – is best for content on  blogs, industry news, tips and best practices and jobs. It is great if you are in B2B, focusing on the business side of it.
  • YouTube – it is part of Google’s system and a video platform so this is good for gaming, entertainment, tutorials and vlogs.
  • Twitter – it is a great platform to get some awareness that is related to beauty and fitness, news and media and entertainment.
  1. Guest Blogging

    Having the opportunity to guest post on another website can be very helpful for your website, helping build your brand and potentially increase blog traffic. If you do guest blog you will have to create a relevant topic related to your industry and that way you are targeting the right audience. Exposing to you to targeted traffic, helps you expand your personal network, helps you to rank in SERPs as you generates some backlinks and it will help your site rank higher, helps grow your social media following, helps improve your online authority and improves your backlink score are the benefits of guest blogging. It is all about reaching out to an audience in a form of a blog because it will grow brand awareness and generate qualified leads.

  2. Interview industry thought leaders

    Reaching out to thought leaders for interviews, it could generate credibility for you and the other person. It allows you to engage leaders in the industry and as a result it will increase traffic. Just like guest blogging it will also increase your reach as you get yourself outside. Your target audience will know who the thought leaders are and when they see you interviewing them this will put you in front of these people.

  3. Responsive website

    It has to work in multiple devices specifically on mobile. This ensures your website looks good and can function well across multiple devices. Depending on the device, your website hides, shows, shrinks, enlarges or moves content to make sure it looks good.

Some points to consider are:

  • The content’s arrangement based on importance
  • Should be tested on multiple devices and browser
  • Images, text and controls are aligned
  • Ensure your website popups are responsive
  • Rendering speed across browsers, devices and etc.
  1. Build a brand community

    It refers to a group of people who identify your brand and use your brand as platform to exchange ideas and contribute content.

Some advantages:

  • Promotes brand evangelism and loyalty
  • Source of feedback, loyalty and ideas

The feedback that you get from your community can be used for future marketing strategies and it can provide PR opportunities. Any brand should be able to identify the target audience and this should be part of your community.

  1. Be active in the comments section
    Engage in relevant and thought-provoking conversations on industry blogs and sites to build a reputation for your brand. It will make your audience see that you are knowledgeable in your field of industry and eventually, it will result in traffic to your own website.


  1. Implement SEO Strategy
    It will help you improve your overall searchability and visibility of the website. Some of the advantages such as organic search provides a primary source of traffic, builds trust and credibility because majority of the people will click on the organic listing. It provides increase engagement and traffic. Engagement could be a download of a document or signing a newsletter and etc. The amount of the traffic that brings through search will bring a strong engagement. Performing SEO also provides an improved user experience and helps target quality traffic. It is a great way to meet the audience halfway and drive traffic to get them to enjoy user experience.


  1. Build backlinks Links that directs users from other websites to your own. It rings your content in front of a larger audience, while driving qualified traffic to your website.

Advantages include:

  • Improves organic ranking
  • Faster indexing by search engines- the quicker you get indexed the quicker you’ll be found.
  • Helps get referral traffic
  1. Internal Links Connecting from one page to another on the same websites. It can help direct visitors to others pages, help navigate the website, and find other pages they would find useful.

Advantages include:

  • It improves the indexing of your site
  • Reduces bounces rates – helping people move from one page to another because you want to keep people on your site.
  • Drives traffic to older posts – linking other blogs posts related to the new one that you created.
  • Improves PageRank
  • Helps spread link juice across websites – it builds relevancy just like backlinking
  1. Long-tail keywords

    They are more than just 1 key word phrases. Long-tail keywords has lesser competition for your keywords. It also attracts customers who have a higher change to convert

Advantages include:

  • Lesser competition for your keywords
  • Attracts customers who have a higher chance to convert
  • Brings targeted traffic to your website
  • Enables easier on-page optimization
  1. Email Marketing

    It provides an effective way to convert leads into sales by sending personalized emails to targeted audience.

Advantages include:

  • Cost effective
  • Time saving
  • Real time marketing
  • Less intrusive
  • Helps build credibility, increase visibility and brand awareness
  • Easy way to track return of investment
  1. Host Webinars

    Another great method of effective social media promotion. It provides a direct contact of your targeted group.

Advantages include:

  • Provides direct contact with your target group
  • Saves money and cost less


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