How to build mobile-friendly website in 2021

Mobile friendly website is a site that functions and displays equally well on a mobile device – such as smartphone or a tablet – and a desktop computer. The number of users has already reached 3 billion according to a research done by Statista in September 2019 and it is expected to climb up over the next few years.

How important is a mobile friendly site, consider these 2020 statistics:

  • China, India and the United States are the countries with the highest number of smartphone users, with these countries alone accounting of 1.46 billion users.
  • Encompassing 59% of the global population, about 4.66 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020 and 4.28 billion are mobile internet users.
  • On average of 66 exabytes of smartphone traffic worldwide in 2020 per month and it is projected to increase up to 150 exabytes in 2025.
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Mobile user is growing every year, and access to mobile-friendly user-focused websites is becoming more important to search engines and SEO optimization. Choosing the right mobile approach will help bring traffic and makes it user friendly website.

Here are the 3 simple tactics to be done:

  1. Responsive design – a web design technique that makes pages render well on a variety of devices. It uses a front-end serving ( Css and Html ) to alter how web pages appear in mobile or desktop. You will use this approach when you want a reasonable experience, limited development resources and manage in maintaining the site and search engine indexing.
  2. Dynamic Serving – it uses a single set of Urls for all content almost the same as responsive design in that case. You will use this when there is a need to include complex mobile-friendly functionality, the site needs to serve different device markets ( Iphone users have different path to conversion than Android users).
  3. Build a mobile site – a separate mobile is specifically created for mobile device users. When mobile users navigate to your website from a mobile device, they will be redirected to a mobile version of the site.

The good news is there are many software that can assist you in building your site into a mobile-friendly one and there are also existing templates or themes that you may use or reuse which can hopefully make your life bit easy in building your website.


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