Glassmorphism, UI trend in 2021

UI design Denise Lanorias
UI design Glassmorphism

It is not so new UI design as this has been growing in popularity in 2019. Glass morphism has been used in Windows Vista, ioS 7 and Mircrosoft environments, and Mac OS Big Sur made it on the mainstream in the last quarter of 2020.

Glass morphism is a multi-layered approach that has a blurry background on an object, producing a visual effect of a frosted glass. This is connected to series of glass panels floating and this creates a 3D effect on the space. It is a light surface that is placed on top of a colorful or dark background that aids proper visibility with a pleasant shadow in order to maintain the depth.

There is a high expectancy that glass morphism is going to be one of the top UI design trend in 2021 as it has already started its development in the past year.

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