Denise Lanorias - Italy based UI & Visual Designer

Hi, I'm Denise Jane.

Dens for short!

I'm an art aficionado and a holistic designer who is performing at the junction of design and developing innovative ideas through problem solving.

I devote myself to user interface and web design and front-end development. Exclusively working on designing and deploying landing pages and any multi page static HTML websites. It isn't just about designing products that are user-friendly, appealing, and visually effective but also helping entrepreneurs build their website in order to efficiently promote their business, expand reach and coverage and build a strong market relationship.

I also work on SEO to increase awareness of services and products. Web Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and webmaster tools are online tools that I use for businesses to gain more traffic to their business or brands. With directing more people to your site, conversions from site viewers to customers is exactly my field of interest. Being able to build an audience using these tools for your brand or business will help your growth/reputation. I aim to empower businesses with the tools and skills necessary to create a consistent and loyal client base.

My inquisitive and problem solving attitudes draw me to personal growth and always looking to do better, be better and learn more. I enjoy figuring things out and seek out solutions for others along with taking every learning opportunity that is presented to hone my knowledge and skills with eagerness to learn more inside and outside my workplace. Thinking outside the box makes me look for answers that could lead to newness and improved solutions because I believe that a single thought could prove to be a seed for something immense. It is my personality to not limit myself from conventional methods when it comes to learning and developing skills as I always find ways that work for me and apply it to my life. I am a curious soul and I have the drive to find meaning in all things around me.


What I'm Doing Now

I'm in Varese Italy, a Born Again Christian, a wife and mother. I thrive to live an exciting, yet purposeful and integrity life with my family. Here's what I spend my time doing:

  • I'm the founder of SurgeLinks, a digital studio that offers Web Design and Search Engine Optimization services for Small Business, eCommerce, Churches, Non-Profits, Organizations, Startups, Health & Fitness, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Real Estate, Music Artists, Bloggers and much more
  • Being a supportive wife and helping my husband become who God intended him to be
  • I take care of my family by making my home a positive influence and responsibility
  • Humble parenting my child in line to the truth and God's purpose
  • I have a great interest in Web Design and SEO
  • Recording videos, YouTube video tutorials on digital related topics to help others, making pizza and anything under the sun
  • Taking courses that will help gain new skills and knowledge in my field of specialty, and enhance creativity
  • Actively supporting Christian non-profit organisation and ministries
  • Live Streaming in sharing the Good News globally
  • Spend ample time building and maintaining deep and genuine relationships
  • Regular exercise – especially running and power walking
  • Eat well and sleep at least 6 hours a night, if possible
  • Have time to sing and play guitar


A well-designed website is much more than building to attract visitors, and having a step-by-step approach to web design projects shows all the work and skill involved in creating a successful online presence. 


Mobile friendly website is a site that functions and displays equally well on a mobile device – such as smartphone or a tablet – and a desktop computer.